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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Checking In

Hello Friends,

Last week I let all kinds of things interfere with my plans, mostly with exercise, the thing that always goes first, and my writing work. I have had a sinus infection and some wheezing. My dog has spots on his retina (small hemorrhages noticed by his eye vet) and has a cough. It turns out he has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. He got it from a tick bite in my currently mice-infested home. Mice have been common this year in Tahoe homes. I’ve been cleaning and trying to get rid of the mice, though I am finally making progress. All in all, I feel overwhelmed.


My little boy, Mitra.

I noticed I had a lump on the right side of my neck, a big lump which didn’t feel like swollen lymph nodes. I went to my primary care doctor. My blood test results were normal, but the ultrasound found four nodules in my thyroid. I am having a biopsy on March 23. Truth be told, I am more nervous about the biopsy than I am the results. I think I would know if something was seriously wrong.

I got back on track with exercising this morning and will exercise tomorrow morning. I still haven’t weighed myself. My clothes fit better and I can see the fat has started to move away from my collarbones. Those are good signs that I have lost some fat!

It was physically difficult to exercise this morning. I felt like I had never exercised in my life. Have any of you noticed that you have no muscle memory anymore, and feel like you have to start from square one if you don’t exercise for a week? It’s one of the things about fibromyalgia that frustrate me the most. I will feel more fit next week.

With the pain in my body from exercising after a few days break, I did a longer meditation. It helps me more than I can say. There is much to the idea that meditation helps chronic pain. I am putting together something that will focus on that very idea. I think many of you will be helped by the program I am creating. I can’t tell you how good it feels to know I can help others.

Do any of you meditate? How does it affect your chronic pain? Is there a certain technique that helps you more than another technique helps? If you have a comment about meditation or anything else, please comment below.


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