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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Update On My Journey

Hello Friends,

Since I last wrote, things have gone well. I have strayed only a few times from my food plan, which isn’t bad, and have kept up with my exercise plan quite well. It is obvious to me that I am committed, which feels good. Normally, by the time six weeks has passed, everything has fallen apart. It is nice to think that I have found something that I have stuck with for this long.

I planned on posting my weight in every post, but the thought of getting on the scale made me anxious. I don’t need that kind of pressure! That kind of pressure can send me into a binge frenzy where I sabotage all my good efforts. I don’t want to do that to myself. I know all I need to know, how well I’ve stuck to my plan and that my clothes now fit my body with ease and space. One of these days I will measure myself, but I don’t seem to want to do that, either, or I would have done so. I have decided I will weight myself once each quarter. You will see that post around the first of April.


This summer, I will be out riding my own bike through the country. (I got this image for free at

I feel myself getting stronger as exercise has become easier. Every day I am either on the recumbent bike or Gazelle glider for 45 minutes to an hour. I also do yoga or strength training six or seven days a week. I’ve had a few sore days here and there, but I know that’s part of the process. I used to fear that pain, but that makes it worse. I’ve learned how to have a different relationship with pain when I exercise. Now it doesn’t bother me much.

The journey to a new, healthy body is fraught with evil and temptation. I will keep my eye on the prize and be honest with myself. That will keep me on track.

Comment below with what keeps you on track with your exercise/lifestyle/eating plans. I need some more tools in my toolbox, just in case.

Sending love to you and yours,


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