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Do Vibration Machines Help Fibromyalgia?

Hello friends in Blogland,

I just read an interesting article I wanted to share with you. It is about vibration exercise curing Fibromyalgia. Click here to see the article. (The actual content of the article does not state that the vibration exercise “cures” Fibromyalgia.) What the article says is that researchers at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis found that Fibromyalgia patients reported lower pain levels, and increased strength and muscle spasticity after participating in vibration therapy treatment.

Although there are different kinds, the vibration exercise machine I have access to once a week is one on which you stand on a platform. The platform vibrates. You can just stand on it or you can do any number of standing exercises. It is my understanding that doing exercise on the vibration machine, whether you have Fibromyalgia or not, is more effective because more muscles are involved in the exercise to keep you stable and keep the alignment through the exercise. Essentially, you are getting more of a workout without more effort.

It is believed the vibration therapy helped the subjects of the study because the vibration causes muscle contraction and relaxation, simulating a subtle workout. It is well known, through other research, that regular exercise means less pain. More research needs to be done on vibration therapy to see if it really works. One thing the article didn’t say was how much and how often the subjects got the vibration therapy, nor was it noted at what speed the vibration machine was set.

I will try using the vibration machine for ten to fifteen minutes every Monday evening and let you know what I find. If you have access to a vibration machine (health club, medical center, private access…), try it out, if you wish and it’s okay with your doctor, and let us all know what you think by making a comment below.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!



Have any of you tried trigger injections or epidurals?

Female doctor with syringeHello Friends,

On Thursday, I had some epidurals in my back. This is the second time I have gotten them.  The epidurals are not for Fibromyalgia, but for another, structural condition I have in my back, which causes pain and numbness.

I was wondering how you and your body react when steroids, or anything else, are injected into your body.  The first time, it was very painful and remained swollen and painful for a little more than a week. This time, the doctor changed the steroid and sedative mix.  I have had little of the pain and swelling, but more feeling exhausted, weak, and out of it. Tomorrow it will be one week, and I am much more clear minded and less exhausted today, but I was wondering if that is a “normal” occurrence in someone with Fibromyalgia. The people I know who get trigger injections and/or epidurals who do not have Fibromyalgia do not seem to need the recovery time.

I know many people with Fibromyalgia get trigger injections and epidurals. What are your experiences?

Sending love and light your way!


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