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Preparing For Company

I don’t know what happened with this post. I thought I uploaded it over a month ago and then again last week. It seems there is a disconnect between the app and desktop versions. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the following post. 🙂

I love having company, and I love my family/friends even more.  But preparing for them to visit…I don’t love that nearly as much.  My priorities don’t normally include cleaning up rooms I am not in all the time, in fact, those rooms become a dumping ground for everything I am not going to deal with at the present time.  So when company is iminent I am in a big tizzy.

I am so thankful my brother and his family came to visit last week! He is busy with his life in Arizona and has little opportunity to visit, so I don’t see him nearly as often as I would like.  I only get to Arizona once or twice a year, myself.  He brought my mother with him.  She needs some medical “stuff” done and I will be helping her through that the next couple of months.

So, Mom is staying with me.  I am happy with that, and I really want her to be comfortable in my home.  I had to convert my office to a guest room.  I have a messy desk, and, since I normally use a table on my deck or the couch in the living room as my office, my real desk is even messier than if I actually used it.  It took two weeks to clean up my space for her.  It took two weeks for two reasons.  I had two weeks notice and I paced myself.  There have been times when people came on a whim saying, “We came to see you, not your house.”  But I don’t feel very good when that happens.  I feel like I am always apoligizing for the lack of tidiness in my guest space, and, to be honest, much of my space.  I enjoy doing too many things I don’t have a specific space for.  I am also so fatigued most of the time I don’t always put things away.  But I digress…

Pacing myself made the process easier and less likely to lead to a flare. All I needed was extra rest.  One day I will learn to make it a priority to keep alll my space tidy.  Until then, I will continue to make a plan to coincide with the time I am given.

So often we see things like a messy room as overwhelming.  There is an idea called chunking.  Break the task down into chunks.  Do, and see or think about, only ONE chunk at a time.  I like to take a before photo of each chunk and then an after photo of each chunk so I  am able to see a physical representation of the work I did.  If it is a to-do list, break your tasks down into the smallest pieces.  For example, instead of return calls, try writing “1. Call Joe,” “2. Call Sarah,” “3. Call George,”…that type of thing.  Then cross off three or more tasks instead of one.

Another idea is to slightly overestimate the time each task will take.  That way, when you allot one hour for a task that takes only 45 minutes, you can relax for 15 minutes.

One thing I do in my daily life is to “work” during commercials.  I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, I do the dishes, “reboot” the laundry, or mop the floor, or dust, or whatever job there is to do, during commercials.  I knit during the program.  I feel like I’ve knit all day.  Somehow along the way I got a clean house.  Since I really don’t like cleaning house, this is a major win-win for me!

Find YOUR win-win and tell me about it.


About Julie Hodges, RYT

I am a happily-married, 53-year-old woman living in a beautiful place with my husband and our three dogs/babies. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (FMS) in 2004. While FMS affects every moment of my life, I have learned to live with it and be happy, not allowing it to destroy me. While I have FMS, it does NOT have ME! As a yoga and meditation teacher, and as a Reiki Master/Teacher, it is my passion to help people have a good, strong and healthy life and relationships. Fibromyalgia Lifeline will help me serve that passion. It is an honor to lead by example, as well as to continue to be a student on this path to freedom from the hold of FMS. Other than that, I like to knit, read, write, be outside, play with my dogs, be with family and friends, movies, some TV shows, ghosthunting, go places in our RV, travel, music, and so many other things, but mainly laugh and have a great time.

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  1. George L Feriend Jr

    Great Writing! I learned pacing from you. I have paced myself lately and find my “Dark Passenger” (chronic pain) less intimidating. Thank you for sharing your techniques with your readers.




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